Stormbell - About Me
About Me: Growing up in southeast Texas the weather has always fascinated me. One of my earliest memories as a child was standing at the window watching a thunderstorm and seeing lightning strike a tree across the street and almost completely stripping it of it's bark. I can also remember frequently asking my dad to "explain how lightning works" to me. (God bless him, I'm still not sure if he knows the exact reason, ha). I even remember telling people when I was very young that I wanted to be a weatherman when I grew up. I even got the local weatherman's autograph when he gave a talk at our elementary school, and I also occasionally gave weather broadcasts through my school's TV network. I attended Louisiana State University where I received a degree in Physical Geography with an emphasis in Climatology. During my time there I worked for the Southern Regional Climate Center and learned a lot about how and why people use weather data and information. During my time at LSU I took the opportunity to study abroad at the University of East Anglia in 1999, and it was there I met my eventual wife, Amanda. The reason I am in Norfolk today! I then went on to graduate school at Mississippi State University where I obtained a Master's degree in Geosciences with emphasis in Operational and Broadcast Meteorology. We moved to Norfolk in the autumn of 2004 and I started work as a forecaster at Weatherquest in Norwich ( in the summer of 2005. Along with various roles in the company including operational forecasting, I can be heard on BBC local radio across eastern England and occasionally seen on BBC Look East as a "fill-in" weather presenter. Other than my family and the weather the other passion in my life is watching American college (university) football and following my Louisiana State University (LSU) Tigers. Geaux Tigers. I continue to be as intrigued by the weather as I was when I was a youngster. The learning never stops!

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